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About us

Girl by the Gate began in 2014 when Holly discovered her yoga teacher was carrying around her essential oils in a simple cosmetic pouch along with her favorite crystals. As one would imagine, this led to some breakage, so Holly made her a double-padded pouch that holds 16 oils with room to spare. She soon expanded her line to include pouches of multiple sizes.


The name, "Girl by the Gate" originates from when Holly used to sit on her back patio of her apartment, which was right beside the exit gate. She became "the girl by the gate," as people always seemed to notice her there. 



When buying our handmade products, you are buying a product that was built to last! You are buying something that was made with love and diligence. It may reflect in a slightly higher price sometimes, but rest assured your item will stand up to heavy use, and all are machine washable, thereby extending the life of your Girl by the Gate original. Use common sense when washing, wash only when dirty and use the delicate setting. Tumble dry low heat.